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    ... But what happens to my amazing Apocalypse-ability that makes the class so much more fun?
    Hopefully it too will go away. Replaced by something else I'm sure. Artifacts have been a good idea for the course of an entire expansion (aside from the absolutely stupid xmog limitations they imply), but they'd be powerful to the point of being stupid if they were to leapfrog over to a new expansion.
    And it's squeezing all the air out of this goddamn cave I live in.

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    The relinquished weapon/armor might be a go to next expac. Or Path of the Titans

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    So we are just losing artifacts completely ?

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    I hope we don't loose artifacts, I've enjoyed my artifact weapon. I think it's a good system.

    As Taliesin said, I hope they bring in artifact weapons we can forge ourselves.

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    It would make a lot more sense for them to become "depleted." As in no longer have all the traits but you still have a weapon. It will just be replaced by a better one at some point.

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    Who wants to hold on to an artifact weapon trying to get another 230 trillion artifact power?

    The main problem is how are they going to handle artifact weapons legacy wise. That sounds like a giant headache, trying to go through the Legion content after its over.

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