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    How do you guys like the idea of...

    How do you guys like the idea of achievement leaderboards? if 1, they change how achievements are accumulated - example, they can add achievements for killing a certain boss a certain number of times like 10/10 then there would be a achievement for the same thing but 20/20. The 10/10 would reset to 0/20 rolling over to a clean slate. Achievements for gold milestones - 'Has reached 1,000,000,000 Gold!'.

    I would like to even see time sensitive achievements. For example, "Has earned 100,000g in 1 hour"

    Some people will hate the idea I think, but people like me - those achievement seekers might like it - who knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NerdLord View Post
    For example, "Has earned 100,000g in 1 hour".
    Inb4 someone accumulates 100k gold, gives it to his friend, puts a stupid item on AH for 100k gold and asks friend to buy the stupid item for 100k.

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    so which wow player has the least of a life?

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    Achievements that promote botting and nolifing, bad idea...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teri View Post
    Achievements that promote botting and nolifing, bad idea...
    I mean half the mounts Blizzard adds to the game encourage that and they don't seem to care.

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    No thanks, really.

    Achievements has been more a side step of the primary things, feels better there.

    Else you'll start having posts about how Blizzard FORCED people to raid to get achievements, forced people to PvP to get achievements, forced people to pet battle to get achievements.. Better to not have something that is so wide spread to act as a competitive thing. Just see how people react on WF/TF RNG, they foam and rage just by knowing they can't get the best version of their best in slot.
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    guilds already have a achievement leaderboard (tho it's inaccurate these days).

    and you can sort wowprogress on achievement points too, and sites like that have always been the de facto leaderboards of wow.

    competition in achievements is hard because of the innate advantage people who have played for 10+years have, and seasons for it will never happen in this game.
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    simple as that.
    stupid idea. even more stupid thread.
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    Why do people like you always need leaderboards? Are you that desperate to stroke your own ego?

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