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    Quote Originally Posted by Akande Ogundimu View Post
    Can mods please start banning anyone who post a leak below 50 post count?

    "Join Date:Aug 2017

    Like it's stupid really.
    It's not a leak if it's fake. A leak is when something legitimate gets, well...leaked. Not just something blatantly made up.

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    If I had a nickle for every "leak" that says Old World Revamp, Sub Races, new Race-Class combos or Dragon Isles I'd be a rich person by Blizzcon.
    "I quit WoW."

    If I say it's Azshara next enough times, eventually I'll be right. So here we go again. It's got to be Azshara next, so get ready for the Sylvanas expansion we inevitably get instead!

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    I don't really understand why all of you people are up in arms by these "leak" threads.

    Honestly, why are they making you angry?

    EDIT: Is it that form of mock outrage where it doesn't affect you in any way but you feel like you should upset by it?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    This game clearly has some kind of supernatural hold on people. Not only do people still play it, but some people who don't play it still want to come on to the forums and spend their time talking about it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaerys View Post
    Gaze upon the field in which I grow my fucks, and see that it is barren.

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    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    that's how the real leaks get posted.

    go back and look at the wod and other leaks.

    and veil of shadows has way more weight behind it than this. don't believe it.
    Perhaps...but we've had at least half a dozen *leaks* that are all different from each you really think most of these are even close to true? I mean all you have to do is look at the races to know this is 110% certified bullshit. So are many of the's to the point where this is just to troll people and not actually leak anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akande Ogundimu View Post
    Can mods please start banning anyone who post a leak below 50 post count?

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    Like it's stupid really.
    Or even better : ban all posts about leaks.

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    Dead Jaina?

    Best leak so far in terms of what I'd want to see ingame.

    Sadly there's too much info here for a simple 'leak', so it's obviously fake.

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    Please ban stuff like this...
    "I understand that if any more words come pouring out your cunt mouth, I'm gonna have to eat every fucking chicken in this room." - The Hound

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akande Ogundimu View Post
    "From what I understand, there will be a time jump following the defeat of the Burning Legion and imprisonment of Sargeras. While the Battle of Argus plays out many years pass on Azeroth. This was explained to me through the foreshadowing of Turalyon and Alleria"

    Now, I like that part, I really do but I still want people to have more balls and post it on their main accounts. Some of these leaks are cool concept but it's annoying to see someone create an entirely new account to do that shit (Looking at you Jaylock)
    this whole expansion has focused on sacrifice and what your willing to do

    i bet we are going to all die on the Argus side of the portal to keep Sargeras from going through it as it closes

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