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    Alliance Requiem Team <Eternal Kingdom> US-Proudmoore T/W/Th 7-10PM PST LF Mage,Lock,DH,Rogue

    Requiem Team of <Eternal Kingdom> US-Proudmoore
    4/9M ToS 9/10M NH 7/7MCE EN

    Currently recruiting Mage, Lock, DPS DH, Rogue

    Requiem is one of several mythic teams in the guild Eternal Kingdom.
    The guild offers a wide variety of raiding opportunities within a large, active, diverse community.
    We have a great guild culture based on mutual respect and enjoyment of the game.

    Raid Times
    Tuesday – 7-10pm PST
    Wednesday – 7-10pm PST
    Thursday – 7-10pm PST

    **Regardless of recruitment needs we will always consider exceptional players.


    Any Quality Players Considerations

    Any Quality Players Considerations

    Loot Policy
    Progression content loot is distributed via RCLootCouncil

    If Interested, Please contact
    Petdragon - Bnet: Dearc#1877
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