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    What the next World of Warcraft expansion is all about.

    Take everything you read with a grain of salt, because this is normally what I would do after reading all those leaks on the front page. Though what I'm going to say is hundred percent real from my standpoint. (Unless some of the things I listed below hits the CRF.) World of Warcraft: The Dark Empire is the seventh expansion of World of Warcraft. (And it is not going to be revealed at Gamescom, don't hold your breath.)

    (this is all fake by the way, just a little expansion concept.)

    (also to clarify why it's written on a leaker standpoint, is because I originally used this huge wall of text to prank my guildies. they got so impressed and were like "hey post this on moo-c or sol or something" so here i am.)

    Major Features
    • Level cap is, not so surprisingly, raised to 120.
    • Two new battlegrounds with new and different mechanics.
    • Nine new dungeons, one mega-dungeon and two raids at launch. New world quests.
    • Heroic Weaponcrafting is the new system that will replace Artifact weapons. It is still heavily work in progress, and it is a system that is really pushing the engine to its overlimits.
    • Weapon looks may range from a generic fantasy longsword to a badass overlyvisaulized longbow, it depends on your taste really.
    • You can carry over Artifact weapons, which are transmogrifiable.

    • The folks over at the creative art department are making huge changes and adding new features on customization options for all races.
    • 50+ new hair and facial hair models. This is the estimated number of hairstyles available now, may change during development.
    • Wider color spectrum for hair and eyes are also coming.
    • The team has completely overhauled the entire race sculpture to support customizable ear, nose, eye, brow and mouth shapes.
    • More piercings and jewelry, and those will be featured in a different tab.
    • Scars, face tattoos and body paints.
    • There will be more tusk shapes for Orcs and Trolls, more horn shapes for Draenei and Tauren.
    • Worgen and Goblin models are being "updated", do not expect drastic visual changes like Warlords character models.
    • With the updated models Worgen can finally close their bitter mouths. A most requested feature from players of this race. Still, this is completely optional if anyone of you are digging for the current model.
    • No new races, but sub-races are currently being made. I don't have much to talk about that topic now though, apologies.

    • Zan'jinar Islands are Horde's entry point. Never heard about them before honestly but If I am not mistaken it was part of the old RTS Warcraft 3's tutorial at some point. It is also that place where Vol'jin's dad died. The story begins with Rokhan sailing to the islands to bury Vol'jin's remains alongside his father, what he finds is completely disaster. Mutant naga and huge murloc-saurok hybrids are infestating the land. This zone will also feature a new faction leader Tan'zul, who is the oldest son of Vol'jin and a surprisingly engaging, well-written character that some of you troll folks will love.
    • Kul Tiras will be the entry point of the Alliance. Suprisingly, Jaina isn't the queen, and she isn't the most anticipated guest either. The island nation has a new ruler, Tandred Proudmoore - cousin to Jaina and a usurper to the throne. He brought the culture and religion of God of the Deep with him. He is also pissed at Jaina, who has the balls to show up after murdering her father.
    • Zandalar is a beautiful zone turning into a shitpile thanks to what Deathwing did. The island is facing civil war. Rastakhan is trying to improve relations with the outside world while Zul is being a dick, who in fact sided with the Old God N'zoth.
    • Kezan is 50 surface 50 Undermine from what I've heard. Though I can say even the undermine looks better than the land. Deathwing did what he was best at, turned the island into an ashpit, like a dick. I don't know much about the story going on here, it is about goblin cartel fighting alongside goblin vs gnomes storyline. This is going to be sort of like the Stormheim of this expansion I guess.
    • I know little to none about other zones. Tel Abim is going to be one of the leveling zones, as the weird place that Wrathion came and inspired his style from. Heavy Indian/Egyptian themes will be there. Balor is another leveling zone which is full of the ruins of that night elf city with a name I can't remember. Also some old orcish encampments here and there. Plunder Isle will be the 7.1. adventure patch. Nazjatar is the max level content zone.
    • Villains of this expansion include N'Zoth, Queen Azshara, Sterazond, Chromatus, Wrathion (not sure about him), Venture Co. , Tandred, Thessyra the Sea-Witch, Dark Prophet Zul and so on.
    • Azshara is surprisingly powerful a lot. She apparently takes power from her blood, which is in fact the remaining Well of Eternity that somehow got inside of her after the Sundering. And I have got to say there are cinematics about her childhood, adulthood and rise to power etc. you'll fall in love with how her story is done in this expansion.
    • Medivh will be the dadgar of this expansion. Now didn't any one of you wonder what happened to him after 7.1?
    • Some huge titan lore will be revealed, even predating the Chronicle.

    Order Halls
    • Racial fantasy and usage of the old world is the priority. Capitals will work similarly to Order Halls. All the capital cities will receive heavy visual updates to be on par with today's graphics.
    • Gilneas will return as the Worgen capital.
    • Gnomeregan will return as the Gnome capital.
    • Echo Isles will be the new Troll capital, will be completely overhauled and receive heavy graphical updates.
    • Gadgetzan will be the new Goblin capital, will be completely overhauled and receive heavy graphical updates, look similar to how it is depicted on Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Though creative team is currently thinking of cartel rivalry over gang violence.
    • Eversong Woods and Azuremyst Isle will be updated to provide flying, and brought to Azeroth worldspace.
    • The old zones will receive new exclusive world quests and questlines for each race that expands upon unfinished stories, similarly to Order Hall class campaigns.

    • Dev team is currently looking ways to implement new and exciting features to the Wardrobe, such as armor dying.
    • Class accessories, another highly demanded cosmetic feature since the release of the game, is also coming. An example would be hunters getting quivers or bullet belts depending on what weapon they use.
    • Profession accessories, skinners can show their badass knife collection. Alchemists will get belts of potions, and many many more for others.
    • Transmogrifiable race specific accessories will be added to the game as Race Hall (No, this is not the name we're going with) progressions
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    Fake. More leveling? I don't see it happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Furytime View Post
    Fake. More leveling? I don't see it happening.
    I can't tell sarcasm from seriousness on the internet, but it's not a WoW expansion if it doesn't have an increased level cap.
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    Seems like a solid South Seas that i'd play the shit out of.

    Personally I'd have Kezan be an overgrown jungle (fertile soul from the volcanic ash reclaiming like goblin towns and stuff) over a ash wasteland. Or both? Just beacuse i thought of it once and liked the idea.

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    I like this one, very hard to believe with how long it took them to make Suramar and how much time people will actually spend in cities, but the idea sounds kind of awesome.

    Also been thinking that xpac 7 should be race focused, sub races and personal improvements. No new classes required.

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