Beyond was formed on the 16th May 2017, prior to Tomb of Sargeras patch.

We managed to clear 8/9 heroic TOS so far with a new and small roster.
We are now looking to improve and expand our roster for mythic Tomb of Sargeras and all future raids that Blizzard plans to throw at us.
Our goal is to clear as much content as possible before the release of the next patch.
We are looking for dedicated raiders that put guild progression above personal progression and aim to improve as much as possible.

Regardless of class/spec, if you feel like you are a player that is worth considering, we would love to hear from you!

All classes

What do we expect from raiders:

Attendance, punctuality, class and raid mechanics knowledge, good behaviour and self improvement.
Click link below for more detailed information about our raid rules.

Your item level is not our main concern, gear after all, is temporary. We are looking for long term members that we can connect and have fun with.

Also, we believe that new players are the future of the game, so if you are new player that wants to start raiding feel free to contact us.

We raid Wed/Thus/Sun 20.30 – 23.30.

Loot system is EPGP, an Effort/Gear reward system.

General guild rules.
Maintain hierarchy.
Be respectful to others with in and out of guild.
English only in guild chat.
Avoid arguing about religions/politics.
Don't abuse the guild bank/calendar/public note.
Absolutely NO SPOILERS of any kind.

Use the link below to fill an application

Contact Neriali - Rathik#2848 or do a /who Beyond and ask for an officer.