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    Perhaps an alternative continuity like WoD, except in this version of events the Lich King was successful in corrupting all of Azeroth's heroes and is in the process of destroying it with the Scourge. Still wouldn't explain a resurrected and undead Gul'dan (since he was already torn apart by that time) - but perhaps it's also a universe where the Second War ended differently such as without Gul'dan's death at the Tomb of Sargeras.
    In the Hearthstone continuity, if such a thing exists?, the heroes attack Icecrown and the Lich King meets us at the gate, defeats us and turns us into DKs then turns us against Tirion. Tirion then turns us back into our old selves. So the DK option is not even the character's fate within HS.

    But yes, the HS AU would have to be fairly different to have all those characters active at the same time. Of course it would be an alternate universe so why not? Gul'dan might simply not have gone for the Tomb in that continuity, or failed to find it and crossed to Kalimdor to stay safe from the Alliance.

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    Because it is bullshit same level like Illidan vs Arthas ILvL power.
    The train is broken, never reached his destination anyway.

    I see things diffrently than you, don't like it? I don't care kay?

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    Writing off Jaina by making her "seal" LK powers like Illidan is going to seal Sargeras seems likely. It would please both sides - those who want her dead and those who want her to be a hero of all again.

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    Just give us back Ner'zhul as the LK, don't need any other characters rezzed as DKs

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