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    No shit anyone "could" die fron 1 punch but there is a big difference in survival rates between a 100 lb person and a 225 jacked dude. If you are closer to the the former, maybe thowing cig butts at people isn't a hobby you should partake in.
    weight doesn't matter when he died from banging his head on a counter as he fell, even someone build like brick shithouse could die from blunt force trauma to the head.

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    You have no idea what I think. If you are a 100lb beta bitch boy like page vincelli, don't go around harassing women. Dude had it coming. I know how physics work.

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    You sure about That? The news story I read clearly states she threw it out, he picked up and threw it back at her
    I stand corrected.

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    Think all countries should adopt Singapore's approach on people littering which is regularly enforced, a steep fine and mandatory community service picking up rubbish.
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