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    There's another game that doesn't have any queue system, and it's called Guild Wars 2. The game still isn't a bustling social utopia. It's often not the systems or features in place that inhibit social interactions in my experience. Rather, it is how people view the other players around them.
    We tend to see other players not as "people", but as tools to further our own ends these days. Blame not the system, blame the people around you who don't care enough about you as an individual to extend common courtesies and dignity.

    Quote Originally Posted by HuxNeva View Post
    Maybe modern MMO's just cater to a modern asocial population shaped by a societal system in which you are meant to compete and 'use' each-other rather than empathize and socialize. Guilds are a solution as too many people just tend to be sociopaths in large anonymous heterogeneous groups.
    I couldn't have said it better myself.

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    Didn't bother reading the whole thread but OP has greatly mistaken if he thinks a social aspect limits only to talking to other players. Many game mechanics required interaction between players, like forming a group for quests and dungeons, trading items and services, deciding tactics in group content, etc.

    Ofc there's also talking - the usual chit-chat and small talk - which also is a part of MMO gameplay, but what i really miss is the social aspect that relates to game mechanics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wvvtayy View Post
    Just because you're not FORCED to socialize anymore doesn't mean you can't. I make new friends all the time by simply making a choice to be social and talk to people. Because I like making friends and socializing.

    The difference is, back in vanilla and TBC, you had to socialize if you wanted to do anything at max level. Queueing systems and the group finder didn't destroy the social aspect of the game, they just made it so that you don't have to anymore if you don't want to, and that's fine if that's your prerogative.

    But I will never understand the whiners that cry about the social aspect of the game being dead. What the hell is stopping you from being friendly and talking to people? The answer is nothing but yourself. The problem isn't the game. It's YOU. The game is exactly as social as you make it.
    And that's exactly what Is wrong with wow, and what makes It worse, players like you.

    Why do you play an MMORPG then? With one of the M's standing for MULTIPLAYER? That's like playing Battlefield and complaining there's people killing you.

    That Is exactly what was good about Vanilla, TBC and halfway through Wrath, you had to talk to people, be social and make guilds to do high end content, that's how It was, that's how It is, and should be. Queue systems did not help the situation and I wish they were gone, but they also add something - convenience, when you don't feel like talking to people and just wanna run a quick heroic for fun that's also fine.

    But ultimately, If you wanna do -HIGH END- things, raids, rated pvping and so on, you should be talking to people, It's after all a MULTIPLAYER game. That's half the problem of WoW ever since Cataclysm.

    You forgot to mention that not only to do high end content you need people, but to do certain group quests outdoors, leveling Is half the experience (Or It should've been, ever since Cataclysm made that obsolete) and there, you encounter friends, you fight through challenges together, you do hard quests together to take down Bogan the brutal In the barrens cause he's an elite mob and gives nice loot and also has a chest hidden somewhere.

    I will never understand people who don't realize this game Is for multiplayer, and despite Legion HEAVILY encouraging singleplayer mentality and osloing that this Is for multiple people to enjoy, not just you, you're not the only person In the entire game. The aspect Isn't that, that's stupid you're right about that, It's just not encouraged enough as It was before. I made countless friends doing dailies that had group content, like the frost wyrm killing quest back In Wrath where you needed a group, I made tons of friends then, before that and after that.

    To this day I at the very least say "Hello" to my newly formed heroic group or any group, cause that's just nice to say and says you may want to socialize and be nice and not just be another mindless drone spamming AoE and pressing the W key. There Is no one problem, I don't know where you're getting that Idea matey, In life there's many factors to consider to everything. And like WoW's social aspect, It's partly the players fault for not socializing, but moooostly WoW's fault for not encouraging this. And I can't blame anyone who begun WoW in Legion cause that's a very solo mentality kinda expansion, partly why It's the worst expansion for me, and the lore, artifact system, legendary system, bad zone design... but that's for another forum post!
    Banned on WoW since April 2015 because Blizzard doesn't wanna help me when my account got hacked, Is being hacked not a good reason to return my account to me, Blizzard? I'm looking to speak to representatives and members of Blizzard's CS and other departments to help me fix this situation, since CS has failed me I want to seek other official channels. Feel free to message about this

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    ITT: OP confuses socialization with chat room because he doesn't know better and attacks everyone who disagrees with his deeply flawed opinion.

    Twitter generation... I laugh at their stupidity.

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