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    Yeah, but guy 1 always stands in fire, guy 2 is actually a girl and sleeps with the GM and guy 3 is an awesome player no matter what. Then ofc there is guy 4, who has the most awesome gear and BiS legendaries, but a specc that "Blizzard does not care for" and not to forget guy 5, who is never prepared because he is constantly bitching on forums how everything is Blizzard's fault, why guy 6 just joins a guild and gets things done.

    I am guy 6...who are you?
    I can be guy two if they want me to be .

    Serious though, I just roll with whatever loot I do or don't get. None of it is guaranteed anyway, so I don't exactly expect to always get loot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicci View Post
    Haha that is fucking great. I`ll use that for my sig if you don't mind
    I do not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tikcol View Post
    Not while I was a member of a serious guild.
    Considering this happened to Blood Legion several expansions ago (riggnaros had to miss part of the progression race due to a family emergency). By that logic a top 5 world guild isn't "serious" either.

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