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    Can 1st boss in Seat of the Triumvirate be soloed?

    I thought soloing the dungeon on M1 would be a funner first look than queuing for heroic. I'm certainly geared enough to solo it at 940. But 1st boss despawns when he sends me to void. Is there any way to get around this? Thanks!

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    Going by past experience I'd suggest Draught of Souls, given how it prevents most abilities from moving/affecting you. If you are a Death Knight, maybe AMS?
    If you're an Agility class Mirror of the Blademaster would also work well.
    (Or at the very least you can go DPS and try burst down boss - how quickly does he cast Umbra Shift again?)

    Ultimately though this'll probably be highly class dependent and some classes will just not be able to do it.
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    See here for my own Mage solo (and sometimes other classes too.)
    And also see this document for my efforts at listing solo kills of every class. Please do not hesitate to message me if there is some kill I have failed to record.

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    I ended up just inviting a couple of friends to come along. Still way more fun than queuing LFD.

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