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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnabas View Post
    Which is why blizzard needs to let players sort it out instead. Make the reporter have to attend a tribunal within a certain period of time along with everyone else that reported that player. If you don't then you wasted your report on someone. That would curb people spam reporting players because they don't like their transmog they are wearing. Basically you can't come to tribunal then no action taken against player for your report.
    You do drugs don't you? I mean after reading that you must right? Be honest now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Hellscream View Post
    Honestly as long as there are people who can't handle losing in a mature manner there will always be toxicity in the game.
    True that, but it's not just about losing either. There are plenty of immature people who even after winning start spewing shit. The only difference is that it's just toward the enemy team, while people losing may do it to their own team or the enemy or both. People seeking (false) sense of superiority or trolls looking for a reaction? Sad either way.

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