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    Guardian Mage Tower

    Heys guys,
    I just completed the tank challenge as a demon hunter. I totally facerolled it, since im overgeared (925) but I just thought even with that high gear it must have been a really hard challenge.

    However, now I wanted to do it on my druid alt, since he ist also totally overgeared (914 gearscore, one 940 legendary, ekowrath). So I watched a video just to get an idea how other druid tanks did it.

    First Thing I realized is that the death and decay void is much much bigger. After I saw that the challenge was slightly different I felt that I will get raped. And that was the case.

    I just cant survive. The Problem arent the netheradds, its Varis Cast (p1) which he spamms all the day. With FR it just wont Heal me up. Leaving Bear form to heal up feels really bad.

    Any tips to survive his casts that he spams? I usually pull him with boomkin form (affinity) to Velen since I heared he does more melee dps. Also with balance affinity + ekowrath in a video someone was able to hit him at the edge of the death and decay without getting stacks (no Luffa).


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    Bear challenge became significantly harder once Mark of Ursol was removed. I'd say best bet is to sustain yourself with frenzied regen and hit velen's orbs when desperately needed.

    You can hit him with Thrash and Swipe outside the death and decay with Eko and Balance affinity. Make sure you're using the incarnation guardian talent. The amount of burst it gives you will allow you to get through Variss much quicker.

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    Man, it was by far the most difficult challenge for me so far. I managed to get it yesterday ilv 922, w/4pc t20. Using crafted boots, and tank trinket leggo.

    BeSt advice I can give you, is to just try out different great sets and talents until you find what works.

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    thanks for the tip with the orb. Tryed it 1 time (doing it tomorrow) and got him to 18% before I got knockbacked from the plattform

    edit: got it. The key was to self heal with orbs
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