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    If it was Ogron I would roll one but I hate Ogres and would prob roll an alliance on a pvp server if they came out. Cause to quote the late and great Tennisace:
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    All those fat fucks need to die.
    Canada. Canada. Canada. Marriage. Canada.

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    As far as I know, the only canon source for ogre height in the Warcraft universe comes from the Traveler book, which puts average male height at 8 feet. This is shorter than than the 9' height of an upright troll, and equal to the 8' height given for Tauren in the TBC manual.

    I'd guess that some ogre mobs being so big is a gameplay mechanic more than anything - no one bats an eye at 15 foot Gul'dan in the Nighthold. And besides, there are plenty of shorter ogres in game - hell, during Pilgrim's Bounty, there's an ogre the same size as a human male!

    Anyways, folks keep bandying this around, but height shouldn't be any sort of impediment for playable ogres.
    well the issue is that in game we're used to the size we see Ogre NPCs as. I think if you got ogres that were troll/elf sized people would be upset - they want OGRES. And you can cite whatever game books you want, but I'd bet maybe 5% of the players even know about those much less have them. It's what is in game that matters

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    Tons of new customization for existing races >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1 new race for each faction. Ogres will happen, but I hope subraces and more customization comes first. Some race/gender combos are laughably void of options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yelmurc View Post
    Give Alliance High Elf and Horde Ogre's and be done with races for awhile.
    Sounds acceptable to me

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