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    Don't know if by "free" you mean the free core game or no monthly subscription.
    If you meant the first then my answer is yes, I never played the free version but by seeing what is locked I'll say it's the most generous mmo out there, I also play The Secret World and quite liked it too (except for the god-awful combat and animations) but since I'm a GW vet that's where my heart is.
    Now, if you meant no monthly fees, then GW1 is the only right answer, in terms of combat and mechanics nothing comes even close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    There is no clear path here. And again pretending you have a moral high ground doesn't excuse a heavy bias.

    I not once said you couldn't like/love this game nor did I even say you weren't allowed to create a thread. But right now you are shining the community in a bad light. And no it's not mutually exclusive to this game other games have that one person. I know of at least 4 other discussion areas within this forum that have it.

    So you literally just proved my point. Your bias is clear.

    There is really liking the game and then there is going all out to act like it's God's greatest gift to mankind by literally dumping on other games to make others appear better as an example. And yes you and another poster in here are absolutely guilty of that.
    If the amount of time you have spent responding was instead spent earning minimum wage and using that on the game, the game would technically be free...can we agree on that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karaoke View Post
    If the amount of time you have spent responding was instead spent earning minimum wage and using that on the game, the game would technically be free...can we agree on that?
    Well it wouldn't since I'd still be paying actual money for it. And why would I want to get minimum wage when I have a well paying job?

    I can easily afford PoF if I want. I've bought it for friends. I bought HoT on launch and it was disappointing to say the least however it got better over time. I'm avoiding PoF until I get a clear opinion from some friends who are still playing. The ones who quit said there isn't much to do.

    I wasn't debating that part of the game is/isn't F2P. Part of the game is. To experience all of what Guild Wars 2 has to fully offer then it's B2P.

    And all I can say is if you have any issue with how I post here then report it to a moderator or use the ignore function built into the website.
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    If I only judge the free bit of the game then the answer is definately no.

    Unrelated but the service is appalling too. Been waiting more than a week for an answer. Was glad when I saw a message from GW support in my mailbox and... it was an automated respons. Disgusting.

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