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    So you play unreal tourney, isnt Overwatch the same but with nice graphics?

    I mean you shoot, you die and you respawn. And at an accelerated rate. I dont see the appeal.

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    This is a troll thread right? there is no way you are being serious.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wildberry View Post
    That was Gawker. NeoGAF was a SJW cesspit too though. Imagine MMO-Champion but focused on "games" instead of WoW. Now replace every mod with Endus. and every poster with sarahtasher, and Tennisace That's NeoGAF.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mall Security View Post
    Ok, sounds great, I love Anita Sarkeesian, I think she is an amazing mind, wandering human being, and has very important views on a lot of issues
    Well that explains a lot.

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    And now we wait for someone to take this thread seriously.
    "I'm not stuck in the trench, I'm maintaining my rating."

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    There is not really any discussion to be had here, closed.
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