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    Fire Mage

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    Hunter, Enhancement Shaman, and Demon Hunter...they made Ret so boring this expansion I didn't even get my pally to 110.

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    Really enjoy Unholy Death Knight when not playing my affliction main, the campaign was excellent for them too.

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    Boomkin. It was my first main, now relegated to an alt rank.

    Am also levelling a Mistweaver.

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    Has the haste and fast cast requirements of Demo baked in his voidform, along with couple of dots he learned from affli.

    Requires a good ms if u wanna do crazy sht in voidform but I just love voidform mechanic!!

    Is as decenr as affli (if not situationally better) at cleave, and u can always surrender to madness for a pure ST fight... then you die. Horribly.

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    As someone who's never had an alt up until the last month, having mained only destro, with a little forced affliction, I made a mage, it's like cheating on my gf it's that much fun

    Fire is super fun to play, cooldowns, procs to react to, mobility, big nukes, big burst, big aoe, the rotation has a nice flow to it and control.

    Frost has potential, it can be fun but fuck me rng, you can cast frostbolts for days, if you hit a dry spell, unlike fire you can't force your procs. The aoe isn't great either and not as mobile, burst can be nuts though

    It's made me consider a change, I love destro, the other 2 not so much, but on a mage I enjoy fire and frost and I would imagine arcane is ok aswell

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    Arcane Mage, Because all those times playing Demo have made me a masochist I think. People keep saying fire is fun but just cant have myself to play it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walrock View Post
    Hunter, because just like the lock they have a token which tanks while you do the damage, making soloing content way easier.
    And Feign Death is just such a huge QoL ability, especially when you are a nightelf.
    But I play classes like rogue, dh, dk, pala too, for splitruns it's my hunter tho.
    Did you just call pet a token? BLASPHEMY

    OT - Fury warr
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    Warlock - Hunter combo go hand in hand. You go full chill mode this way.

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    Pre-Legion my main alt was an Ele Shaman now it's a fury warrior.

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