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    I mainly want to see what happens with the knights of the ebon blade. If we leave them, where does that leave their manipulation by Bolvar? I mean he already managed to convince them to turn on everything they stood for with that return to Light's Hope, could we see the two factions in outright war in the future? They'd be in a pretty tough spot if the equally slighted red dragonflight comes to help. (What's left of them...)

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    Silver Hand joins the Alliance, Ebon Blade joins the Horde.

    Alliance-only Paladins and Horde-only Death Knights confirmed!!!!! Blood Knights and Sunwalkers are alliance characters now!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alt-ithist View Post
    The Cenarian circle remaining neutral would be a stretch. The Horde probably just drove the NE to endangered species catagory and Killed a world tree. The Circle is primarily night elf organization. I can’t see an alliance Druid showing up at a meeting and keeping his calm while a Tauren and troll Druids are huddled in a corner talking about roasting marshmallows and not be triggered.
    Except you dont KNOW that the horde did it yet, its all speculations.
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    In other countries like Canada the population has chosen to believe in hope, peace and tolerance. This we can see from the election of the Honourable Justin Trudeau who stood against the politics of hate and divisiveness.

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