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    Spirit getting Buffed?

    Hey... I've got a problem!

    I remember having read somewhere that Spirit is getting buffed (no idea how much or when), but I can't find it again!!!

    Can someone plz confirm, or tell me that I'm a noob dreaming of a better WoW!

    - Dober

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    Re: Spirit getting Buffed?

    From the BlizzCon:

    Q: Holy Priest: Mana regen is a flawed mechanic for Mages and Shamans and Hunters. Paladins and Warlocks are just cheaters (cheers). People don't have mana and that's why there are so many Shadow Priests. Real mana regen needed (cheers).

    A: So you want to cheat too? (laughter) The Spirit stat in general will be improved for WotLK. The mana regen needs another pass. At the same time, the mana bar will not be turned into an energy bar.

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    Re: Spirit getting Buffed?

    Yep its getting buffed, just by a very small amount I thought I read somwhere.

    They're trying to make spirit a more "desired" stat, which is actually worthy of it's item level points :.

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    Re: Spirit getting Buffed?

    so no changes on spirit before WotLK?

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    Re: Spirit getting Buffed?

    yup no change

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    Re: Spirit getting Buffed?

    They've "fixed" spirit for what, 3 patches and 1 expansion already?

    I wouldnt expect any radical change tbh

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    Re: Spirit getting Buffed?

    I personally would be happy to regain 30% while casting as a priest like with our old t2 bonus and our talent, more is not needed to fix spirit for me

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    Re: Spirit getting Buffed?

    Personally, as a shadowpriest, I'd love more spirit on my gear. Gives me a good reason to spec into meditation instead of other skills ;-)

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    Re: Spirit getting Buffed?

    The reason I asked was that I have a "spirit-build" Priest, AND because I still think that Spirit is an awesome stat... the problem is that you need it in so large amounts before it gets really good for any other class than priests.... and thats a bit of a shame!

    - Dober

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    Re: Spirit getting Buffed?

    Gief new Rank Evocation

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    Re: Spirit getting Buffed?

    They need to add +dmg/healing to spirit, just as agility increases attack power. Right now, as a mage, I don't even look for +spirit on gear.

    I mean, spirit doesn't even regen mana while in combat, so what good is it for a mage? Evocation has scaled really badly in BC anyway, so why bother with it?

    If it gave +dmg/healing, then yeah, I'd look for gear that had a nice balance of Int, Stam, Spirit and spell damage.

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    Re: Spirit getting Buffed?

    They also said Spirit will have more benefit for shamans which I don't want. Spirit regen works when not casting so I like my current stat itemization spanko very much!

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