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Thread: Lamppost?!?

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    Ok so running through Thousand Needles , i noticed this .
    Now this isnt like AMG WOW NAMES STUFF , ive just never noticed this before after like 2 years playing lol , anyway thought it might be some special thing .



    P.S. Didn't want to directly link image due to size.

    (Boubouille) Edit : Caps in title make me cry.

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    Re: Lamppost?!?

    hmm..i noticed them the first time i ran through...this had also been the last time

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    Re: Lamppost?!?

    So? I've highlighted chairs in Silvermoon and they say "Doodad_04"

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    Re: Lamppost?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Flakor
    So? I've highlighted chairs in Silvermoon and they say "Doodad_04"
    And that crystal that TPs you to UC is named something like that too, right? Was in the beta, anyways.

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