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Thread: Whats this UI

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    Whats this UI


    Can someone tell me whats this UI.

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    Re: Whats this UI

    There's quite a few different mods being used.

    Can you be more specific to which part your interested at?
    and then he cupped my balls...

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    Re: Whats this UI

    It's bunch of different addons that he's using:

    -ag_UnitFrames (for Player, Target, and Raid frames and MT Target box on left)
    -threat meter in the lower left corner is Omen
    -damage meter in the lower right is a reskinned SW Stats
    -action bars look like Trinity Bars to me but could be Bongos or Bartender3
    -random chat frame mod (colors peoples names in chat according to class)
    -small icons right above the chat frames are FuBar with fully transparent background
    -random square minimap mod (visible icons appear to be for Atlas and SW Stats)
    -scrolling combat text
    -not sure what his combo point and deadly poison mod is (located between Player and Target frames)
    -Energy Watch v2 (yellow bar ticker directly above Player frame)
    -enemy cast bar mod, possibly Natur's CECB (cast bars above Player frame and below Target frames)
    -some boss mod, not DBM though (do people still use CTRA_BossMods?)

    think that's about all

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    Re: Whats this UI

    Quote Originally Posted by Salkara
    -some boss mod, not DBM though (do people still use CTRA_BossMods?)
    It's Bigwigs

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    Re: Whats this UI

    nice complete answer
    i like that
    thanks a lot

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    Re: Whats this UI

    He uses a very ace heavy custom UI and you can download nearly all of his addons at files.wowace.com

    Chat Mod: Prat
    Threat Meter: Omen
    Unit Frames: AGUF and MobHealth
    Boss Mods: Bigwigs, Ora2*
    Minimap: SimpleMiniMap
    Bar Mod: Bartender 3
    Countdown on Bars: OmniCC
    Combo Point and Poison: NComboBar
    Energy Cooldown: Energy Watch
    Cast bars: Natur EnemyCastBar and eCastingBar
    Buffs: Buffalo
    Tooltip Mod: TinyTip
    Poison Creation: Hemlock (on his fubar you can see it)
    Trinkets: TrinketMenu (unless he made another bar with 2 buttons only for his trinkets)
    Spam Suppression: RogueSpam (There is no "Need more energy" spam and this is *probably* what does that)

    He also uses:
    Scrolling Combat Text

    *(Ora2 is simple, lightweight addon that lets you interact with people with CTRaid but doesn't have the bulkiness CTraid has.)

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    Re: Whats this UI

    I believe the raid frames were Perfect Raid (Praid)

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    Re: Whats this UI

    Quote Originally Posted by Anobix
    I believe the raid frames were Perfect Raid (Praid)
    Or the PerfectRaid layout for Pitbull.


    A little over halfway down the page.

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