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    Boubou must read :P


    Je suis pas mail sur que ta pas le temps de regarder tous les post de guilde, mais cela est tres... interessant.
    I am indestructible.

    Epic Noob's Vehicle

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    Re: Boubou must read :P


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    Re: Boubou must read :P

    ha!! Powned!

    Ca fait pas très sérieux quand meme lol C'est un site tout public ici :-P

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    Re: Boubou must read :P

    That man deserves a medal
    Free gold tomorrow!

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    Re: Boubou must read :P

    It made me DL pr0n!

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    Re: Boubou must read :P

    Thanks. Deleted, just use the report function when you spot a spam like that, it ends up directly in my mail with a huge popup in my desktop.

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