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    Zul'Aman gear

    Cool new gear from Zul'Aman

    Blizz did a good job from what I've seen so far on the gear and weapons from ZA! Here are some SS's of gear i quickly model changed before university

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    Re: Zul'Aman gear

    Warlock, I'm assuming.

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    Re: Zul'Aman gear

    They really took the ZA armor graphics to another level!

    I really like the plate version, looks crazy

    Btw opera, theres a 'News Submissions' forum board here
    Free gold tomorrow!

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    Re: Zul'Aman gear

    Quote Originally Posted by Klitor
    Warlock, I'm assuming.
    The mask was mail or plate. Not sure which one but I'm sure it's one of them.

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    Re: Zul'Aman gear

    Rehosted your picture on mmo-champion servers, more shots is always nice

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    I agree Zul'aman gear is worth. WORTH IT SO VERY MUCH. PLZ NO HURT ME MR MOD I DUNNO RULES
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