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    Set opacity/alpha of standard Blizzard unitframes

    Hi all,

    I've been meddling with my UI as of late and I've almost got it to the point where it is purrrrrfect to me.
    However there is one final thing, which I can't seem to figure out myself.

    I'm using the standard Blizzard Unit Frames, no addon for it, aside from MoveAnything for positioning and resizing.
    And I would like to know how to set the opacity, but still make it interactable.

    As you can see the unitframe (next to the bar is visible), when the WA is active, it hides behind a circle.
    However, I want to start hiding the WA's when I'm out of combat.
    So I would need something that sets teh alpha/opacity of the unitframe, a macro or something...?

    Anyone able to help out?

    Thanks in advance!

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    This should work (out of memory, im at work right now):

    /script PlayerFrame:SetAlpha(0.5)

    you can change the value: 1.0 is normal, 0.0 should be invisible

    other frames are

    /script TargetFrame:SetAlpha(0.5)
    /script FocusFrame:SetAlpha(0.5)
    /script PartyMemberFrame1:SetAlpha(0.5)
    /script PartyMemberFrame2:SetAlpha(0.5)
    /script PartyMemberFrame3:SetAlpha(0.5)
    /script PartyMemberFrame4:SetAlpha(0.5)

    you can put this in a macro or build your own addon so you dont need to press the macro every login/reload

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