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    T17 Encounter Weakauras

    Hey, I made these for my guild and thought i would share them. They include debuffs and everything that you need to be aware of in the encounters, including mythic difficulty. There is one that shows debuffs that goes on the entire raid, one for tank debuffs and one with tank debuffs on your focus. Have not tested them all on beta but almost all of them should work, if not all. This is how they look:

    Encounter ones for everyone:

    Tank specific ones:

    The ones with two numbers shows duration at the top and stacks on the bottom. The ones that says fixate also gives a message in /s with your name and that you are fixated to alert ppl around you.

    And here they are:

    Raid ones:
    Tank debuffs on yourself:
    Tank debuffs on your focus:

    Blackrock Foundry:
    Raid ones:
    Tank debuffs on yourself:
    Tank debuffs on your focus:


    Realized that I had made some errors in some of them, now fixed and should be ok.
    For some reason they didn't load if I used zone as highmaul so now set to level 100 and above and in combat only.

    Let me know if something else isn't working.
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    Any Screenshots of these?

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    Updated post with screenshots.

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    will be looking at these when servers are back up.
    Thanks in advance man

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    Thanks a lot for sharing.
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    thanks for these.

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    Thank you so much, saved me alot of time

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    Thanks, appreciate your hard work.

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    Thanks for this, will try them out tonight.
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    anyone have this for TMW maybe?

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    Fantastic, thanks very much!
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    Updated the strings so now everything should work properly.

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    Thanks for these! Will definitely help get some of my guilds raiders who don't exactly pay attention to debuffs or warnings.

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    Thank you, these are very nice!

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    Request: Change /s to /y
    In some boss fights you're out of range of /s.

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    Would be nice if instead of spell names you could use spell IDs. First world EU problems.

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    The Expel Magic: Shadow weakaura doesn't show the number (healing amount needed to get rid of the debuff) on the icon. The icon will show up when debuff is applied but it always shows the number 0 on the icon.

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    Thank you for these! I'll give em a try this week.

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