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    Looking for a system info addon. In the spirit of SLDataText, but preferably in a nice configurable single bar formation that doesn't require kgPanels to look nice and keep intact. Basic features like latency, addon memory usage, fps, gold, armor repair %, new mail. Problem with SLDataText is that it has some issue with Sexymap and it crashes. Can't separate Clock and Coordinates from Sexymap, because of this. Trying to get rid of minimap buttons surrounding the map and preferably get something like tracking selection, lfg and bg finder and couple other minimap buttons to the same bar with the basic features.

    Couple of close examples picked from the healer ui thread.

    More in the style of the first one, which i'm guessing it's achieved with kgPanels, but with the features of the 2nd one although neither seem to deal with the minimap button placement.
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    LF a addon that shows which arena enemies target what.

    So basically arenatargets target.

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    I downloaded a addon pack from wowinterface.com and it included reflux. rly love to ui but i have tried for over 3 hours now and I cant seem to move my stance bar. Its in the middle of the screen. cant find any actionbar or stancebar config anywhere.

    here is a link to the pack i got: wowinterface.com/downloads/info22089-Lumiere-AnUIforpaladinheal.html


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    Hey all,

    Is there anyway to adjust or remove the hover-highlight in Grid? I can hardly see people's health when my mouse is over their raid frames! Especially the warrior tank, which is really damn annoying.

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    Recommendations for a good addon to track combat res cooldowns?

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    Anyone know name of this addon that is showing the incoming healz/bubbles from priest as blue in the HP bar if it is a addon?

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    When I swapped to my warlock I installed the original elvUI. Somehow I can't get npcscan overlay to work on the minimap. Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Douglas567 View Post
    I would like to know if there is any way to make my UI look the same for ALL characters. I really dont want to copy paste the WTF folder for every char. Any ideas?
    Most addons have a profile setting within them.

    Either copy/use other ones to use the same settings.
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    Which rune tracking addon is that?
    I can't post images ;/
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    I'm trying to figure out a solution for my own UI so I can have a buff tracker by the map for those types of buffs. I couldn't seem to find one for myself that was stand alone. Any suggestions?

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    It's not an addon, those are just the Blizzard Default Raid Frames and those are incoming heals. Although I think it's only on the PTR that the incoming heals are blue. I have never used the Blizz Raid Frames on live ever (although I think incoming heals are green?).

    Quote Originally Posted by warlockSTAR View Post

    Anyone know name of this addon that is showing the incoming healz/bubbles from priest as blue in the HP bar if it is a addon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shataw View Post
    Which rune tracking addon is that?
    Could be nibRunes.

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    A question regarding stuf, is there a way to make a custom pattern tag/lua that makes the unitnames grow downwards instead of the standard left to right?
    Like this ->


    Quote Originally Posted by Shataw View Post
    Which rune tracking addon is that?
    I can't post images ;/
    As Nibelheim said, that can be done with nibRunes.
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    Hee you guys!

    i got a question, do you guys know or got an addon wich " alarms" me ( like with the 5 stacks of mealstrom in standard UI ) for my killshot ( when target is below 35% and actualy makes some sort of art or alarm around my screen ) I use a macro so the light around the button itself isn't working.

    Same goes for Soul reaper and some more procs i got to be able to see this.

    Can any1 help me ?

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    What's the code you should use on your unit frames to get it to display the name shorter, such as "Raider's Training Dummy" too "R.T Dummy"?

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    Maybe something like:

    	local name = UnitName(unit) or unit
    	name = name:gsub("([^\128-\191][\128-\191]*)%S* ", "%1."))
    	local shortname = ""
    	local nameLength = 12
    	name:gsub("([^\128-\191][\128-\191]*)", function(a) shortname = shortname..a end, nameLength)
    	return shortname

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    Another question from me, this one is regarding reflux.
    I did a /reflux snapshot "profilename" and then added bagbrothers, bagnon, stuf and nibchattabs savedvariable name that i found in the .toc and then did a /save.
    After this i logged in to an alt did a /reflux switch "profilename" and everything loads except the addons mentioned above, they are in their defult look.
    Am i doing something wrong? I thought reflux would create profiles for the addons that miss it when you add their savedvariable name.
    Or atleast this is what the creator says on wowinterface.
    When i do a /reflux show on my main it says

    Active profile is "profilename"
    StufDB is being emulated.
    BrotherBags is being emulated.
    BagnonGlobalSettings is being emulated.
    BagnonFrameSettings is being emulated.
    Addon state is not being saved.

    Whats up with the last line? I did type /reflux save and i get "no emulations saved" in the chat.
    What am i missing?

    And here's a question regarding weakauras and kgpanels.
    I've made a progressbar in weakauras that tracks demo locks demonic fury, i do however want 2 x kgpanels to be parented to it but since weakauras dont get an unique name for anchoring/parenting i wonder if there's another way to do this?
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    Does anyone know how to make it so it only shows my debuffs and my debuffs only on the target with Pitbull 4? I forgot how you do it : /

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    I'm looking for an addon which tracks phase times(%values).
    Like count from pull to first transition yell and save that time.
    I've had one like that quite a while ago, but I can't seem to find anything like it right now :/

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    Since I've been configuring my UI to perfection with hours of editing, I'd now like to copy the settings down to a USB memory so I won't lose it if my computer crashes for some reason. I read this thread http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...Your-Interface and I learned that copying the "WTF" folder AND the "Interface" folder will save both the addons I have installed + it's settings.

    What I'd like to know is how I make a back up for my account wide macros + my character specific macros. Is it saved in the same folders, so WTF and Interface should cover macros aswell?

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