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    How to...? [Pitbull]


    In the pictures shown the unitframes glow red/blue (green and other colors sometimes aswell :S)
    My own unitframe just glows in the edges - and the targets glow all over.
    - How do you get Pitbull to NOT do that?

    I want them to just be the color i have decided... and no glow or anything.
    Have looked all over the settings - have i missed something?

    Can anyone help?

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    Re: How to...? [Pitbull]

    I'm not positive but it looks like debuff highlighting.
    I haven't used Pitbull in ages so you'll just need to have a look around for Highlighting and disable one at a time till it's fixed.

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    Re: How to...? [Pitbull]

    I can´t help with your question but I´d like to ask which Font that is in the unit frames

    It looks cool.

    ok listen the fuck up

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    Re: How to...? [Pitbull]

    Thank you so much Meebo
    That was exactly it...

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