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Thread: THE Resto spec?

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    Re: THE Resto spec?

    I admit 4 minutes for tranq is nice, but like... at this current point in time, I just never use tranq unless dire emergancy.. ect.. but going full resto is completely overkill.

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    Re: THE Resto spec?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ranor
    Well.. with the change to healing\damage turning into "Spell power" we won't see pretty numbers like "3k healing" ( ( (
    the only items we see till now is anything between 69 and maybe 78.

    how much healing did you had at lvl 68 while leveling up? 1000? maybe 1200 if you had extremely good gear.
    and now? you doubled that to nearly 2,5k. lets assume the "ssc/tk" of wrath of the lich king, tier 8 instances. i would be everything but surprised if you then have an amount of 1700 spellpower, and assuming further, that with not any talent points spent, 1 spellpower = 1 spelldmg = 1,8 healing (what is all together not THAT unrealistic, because our casters have now ~1300 spelldmg unbuffed, while the healers sum up at ~2400 heal, which means an "factor" of 1,84 between dmg and heal.) so you would end up at 3060 healing.

    and have a look back to classic wow... how much heal did you had there? if you were really really great, you had ~ 1200 heal / 650 spelldmg with every piece of drugs you could swallow. guess what? it was just the half of now. why not get the double amount in wotlk endgame (when it comes to finally face arthas...)?

    blizzard would get fucked by theirselves if they would just... get an factor of maybe 1,5 in increasing the dmg/heal... so i assume AT LEAST 4k +heal /2,4k +dmg at endgameraids in wotlk.

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    Re: THE Resto spec?

    From the way I understood it, they're getting RID of the tooltips for healing and spell damage and just merging everything into Spell Power. And from the way it seems, the spell power numbers, while keeping the same value, just have smaller numbers.. I'd have to see some of the new gear. heh.

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    Re: THE Resto spec?

    Quote Originally Posted by Amgyn
    yes all items have been retroactively given spellpower stat.


    Healer item:
    From http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=10900.0

    Healing spells will recieve a greater bonus from spell power than damage spells will, but Blizzard has "promised" that the net result will be that healing spells will do the same amount of actual healing in WotLK +spellpower gear as they did in similar-quality BC +healing gear.

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    Re: THE Resto spec?

    As for 61 points in Resto being overkill, I see nothing wrong with being overkill if you happen to be a raider. For any play style more casual than that, 61 points are hardly needed. But Blizzard has included some talents that make HT, Tranquility, and Regrowth much more useful (Regrowth especially), and with all the improvements they've provided for the healing tree I can only assume the ability to spam heals, as they've made possible, will be necessary to keep tanks and the party/raid alive in hard instances/raids to overcome the massive amount of damage that we'll need to heal through.

    Tranquility will be able to be a "once per pull" or at the very least "once every other pull" kind of spell. You may not need it that often, but it won't seem like such a waste of one of your "Oh s**t" buttons now that it can be used much more often. It's a matter of personal play style. For example, right now I have talents to improve Healing Touch, but it's pretty rare I use HT outside of a NS-HT combo. I still find having a stronger and more mana-efficient HT useful, just as I'll find a 4-minute Tranquility useful, whether or not I ever have to use it.

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    Re: THE Resto spec?


    Is what I'll be rocking for PvP.

    5/5 improved regrowth to complement 3/3 living seed
    3/3 replenish to complement 5/5 gift of earthmother
    2/2 empowered touch to complement 1/1 nature's switftness

    3/3 brambles to hopefully better survive double dps
    2/2 nature's reach for cyclone/roots

    Only thing I wasn't sure about was the 3 points at the top of the resto tree, never a fan of clarity as resto and .2 seconds off touch is fairly bad, maybe with inscriptions it would be worth getting. Also furor @ 60% chance is still not good enough for me to clearly pick it over the others. Either way they are trash points.

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    Re: THE Resto spec?

    They removed the snare from ToL and gave him a big armor boost, not taking it for PvP will probably be bad in WotLK. The only downside is if you are facing a warlock you won't be able to use tree form, all other combos I will be in ToL.

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    Re: THE Resto spec?

    Quote Originally Posted by Eilt
    They removed the snare from ToL and gave him a big armor boost, not taking it for PvP will probably be bad in WotLK. The only downside is if you are facing a warlock you won't be able to use tree form, all other combos I will be in ToL.
    ToL stll has the disadvantage of being able to get drained, but has indeed been given a lot of buffs.

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