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    WoTLK - Priest Honor Set

    Priest Crit Set:
    Priest "Healer" Set:

    Priest Caster Bracer, Boots, Belt
    Priest "Healer" Set:


    618 - Total Spirit Set (Spell Power)
    532 - Total Crit Set (Spell Power)
    267 - Total Crit (Crit Set)

    What is more important to you? Why?

    Priest Honor Set

    Spirit Set

    161spirit - 48.3 spell damage
    342 spell power
    total: 390 spell power
    int - 233
    stam - 344

    Crit Set

    161 spell crit
    337 spell power
    int - 233
    stam - 344

    Spirit Bracer, Belt, Boot

    Spell Power- 195
    Spirit - 106 - 31.8
    Total Spell Power: 228

    Crit Bracer, Belt, Boot

    Spell Power - 195
    Crit - 106

    (Same Stam / Int as Spirit set and Resil)

    618 - Total Spirit Set (Spell Power)
    532 - Total Crit Set (Spell Power)
    267 - Total Crit (Crit Set)

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    Re: WoTLK - Priest Honor Set

    They are kind a rong way around seeing as disc will want actually maybe more crit now.

    As for shadow healer set tbh looks better, yet I`m not too sure that it will be good move to take Twisted faith on first tiers on pvp set with relatively small amount of spirit in the sets.

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    Re: WoTLK - Priest Honor Set


    Edit- Personally, I just think the spirit is better because of everything it gives us. +MP5 in general, more +MP5 when we do get that random crit, +spell damage, and more MP5. It's going to be nice to have a bunch of mana all the time in PvP.

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    Re: WoTLK - Priest Honor Set

    Idd shadowpriests worst enemy is hes own manabarn against everything else than rogues.

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    Re: WoTLK - Priest Honor Set that there's spirit on pvp gear, what's the point of pve? or do they emphasize on haste or something other stats that will make them better so there's a reason to do pve in wotlk?

    as a casual player i am excited, but it makes me kinda wonder how the hardcore raiders will feel...

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    Re: WoTLK - Priest Honor Set

    Pvp items still sacrifice stat points on extra Stamina and Resilience, so PvE items will still be superior for PvE.

    And did hear it mentioned quite awhile ago that Blizz didn't feel they rewarded raiders enough in TBC, so I'm sure they have little to worry about.
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    Re: WoTLK - Priest Honor Set

    The crit is nice, but spirit all of the way for both archetypes.

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    Re: WoTLK - Priest Honor Set

    Pretty sure these are just quick fix pvp filler sets, they ar all completely the same for caster/nuker stats wise and all plate melee is the same all mail physical damage is the same leather dps is the same for druids and rogue only seemingly the only unique sets is the healer sets.
    Still it works nicely for priests being able to pick up a spirit set but other classes aren't so well off like rogue gear for ferals.

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    Re: WoTLK - Priest Honor Set

    They should really just split it down the middle, and make one set with part spirit/part crit. Between Imp. Spirit Tap and Divine Aegis, I don't see why they don't.

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    Re: WoTLK - Priest Honor Set

    you know how locks get the 2 different sets for the extra res bonus, this is what spriests should do. Shadow should get 3 piece of crit, 2 spirit, Disc should get 3 pieces of spirit and 2 crit..

    Makes sense to me =]

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    Re: WoTLK - Priest Honor Set

    loving the smite gears but i'll probably do the usually mix of 3/2 of each set

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    Re: WoTLK - Priest Honor Set

    i would say it depends.

    lets say in 2on2 you prefer and/or play a pure dmg combo (spriest/fmage, spriest/rogue, etc), the most important moment is when you use all your cooldowns to bring one of the opponents down at the very beginning. in this case the crit set is more viable, just because... just because you crit more often ;P and we all know how the MB SW burst bashes ^^

    if you play a spriest/"insert healer here"-combo, the spirit-set will be worth it, just because the fights take longer and you have more mana capacity. additive your dots tick higher and you are more mobile and dont have to stay in sight.

    i prefer the crit set ^^ (maybe because i just dont want to wear mooncloth as an evil shadowpriest ;P)
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