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    Ideas to condense and improve the ret tree without being OP...

    Hey guys, a few people on the beta forums were brainstorming ways to make getting Sanctified Retribution (2% dmg increase to all affected targets), Imp. Ret aura (25%/50% increased damage to your aura) and Swift Retribution (1/2/3% haste) to come be folded together into a superior talent.

    The idea I came up with for this was to meld it all together into 1 talent.

    <Insert Cool sounding name> 5/5 increase damage done by 5% and increases haste by 5% of all targets affected by Retribution Aura. Also increased the damage done by Retribution Aura by 50%.

    1% dmg, 1% haste and 10% ret aura damage per talent point, slide it in down near tiers 8/9/10 in that area to make it out of reach of other specs, (a tank or healer with this would be way crazy imo) They could even fold Crusade over into that talent, to avoid having too many +dmg% talents in the tree.

    A second idea would be for making Crusader Strike a little more flashy.

    Either tie this effect to the talent itself or allow for an improved CS, something like this: 110% weapon damage and applies a second judgement (one not already applied (IE if you're using justice in arena) to the target and restarts the timer on any current judgement already applied by the paladin.

    That would be a nice change, and a lot more utility. I can't think of any way to be able to select which judgement gets applied however, unless wisdom/light were somehow merged into 1 judgement (judgement of restoration or something) allowing for this mechanic to be 100% useful.

    It isnt a snare, silence or ms. and it shouldnt be. We don't root people with poisons or slow them with frost. we don't use magic to keep them from being able to cast spells and we certainly wouldnt "wound" in a way that healing is reduced. it just doesnt fit the class. I think a second judgement would fill that missing effect on crusader strike nicely.

    /flame on


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    Re: Ideas to condense and improve the ret tree without being OP...

    ok i agree with the aura change however the CS change i do not. if anything i would like to see it get another 10% damage or put a debuff on the target increasing spell damage delt by 10% or so. that would give raiding a nice thing with CS and it would give pvp a nice little thing to. just my opinion.

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    Re: Ideas to condense and improve the ret tree without being OP...


    Made by TonyC. I like it.

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    Re: Ideas to condense and improve the ret tree without being OP...

    You have plenty of pts (2 left over) to take divine strength plus every raid dps talent in the ret tree. I dont even know where I would put those points if you combined the talents as you are suggesting. Actually I would probably get imp SoV (from tier 1 holy) to weave that with SoC/SoB.

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    Re: Ideas to condense and improve the ret tree without being OP...

    Talent trees are bloated on purpose.
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