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    Good Death knight names

    Well seeing as a lot of the community are not happy
    bout one thing or another thought i,d make this thread
    kk i can see a lot of obvious DK names coming such as mortis etc etc
    but what do you guys think will make good names?
    & are you going to borrow from gods of old for eg norse god names etc

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    Re: Good Death knight names



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    Re: Good Death knight names

    I'd google for fantasy name generators or try the wikipedia on demon / angel names.

    I would have like Dante or Moloch (obviously taken long ago), so now I have Nemaides reserved.
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    Re: Good Death knight names

    im gonna borrow name once again from Forgotten Realms games (BG, IwD series, PLanescape, etc.)

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    Re: Good Death knight names


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    Re: Good Death knight names

    Arathas, Aarthas, Arrthas, Arthâs, you name it :

    "Though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil because I'm the baddest motherfucker in the whole damn valley."

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    Re: Good Death knight names

    Razuvious (dibs)

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    Re: Good Death knight names

    If you're talking roleplaying-wise, remember that the Death Knight is a hero who was killed during <insert whatever scourge-infested battle>, so they should keep a name relative to their race, not their class. Or you can play to the memory wipe aspect of a DK, and ignore the latter part when you're trying to take back your freedom from Arthas.

    If you're looking for a good name generator Seventh Sanctum has various nifty things, or just google 'fantasy name generator' and you'll find something. Also baby naming sites often have less-than-common names and their meanings.

    I personally role play, and am making a Night Elf Death Knight named Elorwyn.

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    Re: Good Death knight names


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    Re: Good Death knight names

    Cptcadaver (alrdy saved)

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    Re: Good Death knight names


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    Re: Good Death knight names



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    Re: Good Death knight names

    i myself kinda like the name Nephilim which means sons of the fallen
    & is a supposed sentient being of the planet x(nibiru) 2012 theory

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    Re: Good Death knight names

    My gf and I are naming our DK's Leftelbow and Rightelbow, because when you try to put them together, something wonderful happens.

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    Re: Good Death knight names

    While I did lol at Sonofalich, a lot, I'm leaning more towards names a bit closer to the wow death knight lore.

    Felblade, Soulrender, like that.
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    Re: Good Death knight names


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    Re: Good Death knight names



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    Re: Good Death knight names

    how about DarkLegolas, could always make him a NE.

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    Re: Good Death knight names

    wow "legolas" you guys are gay fuck alliance

    Edit: 7-day ban for this post. Grimlor

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    Re: Good Death knight names

    Darth Vader.

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