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    Thoughts on improving Guardian Spirit

    Ok, so a common trend I am noticing is that people are unhappy with GS. So, lets brainstorm an idea.

    Here's my thought...right now it increases heals by 40%, and if it actually saves the person, it gives them a heal in the amount of 10% of their HP. lasts 10 seconds.

    My suggestion: Increase all healing by 20%, if it saves the person, they get a heal of 20% of their HP. Lasts 10 seconds. IF THE EFFECT EXPIRES ON IT'S OWN, INCREASES HEALING RECEIVED BY 10% FOR 1 MINUTE.

    So, it's an "oh Sh!t" button that can save the tanks life, but it also has an effect of "if you play smart and keep your tank alive, you can get a bad-ass passive buff" That would allow this to be up 1/3rd of the time in a fight, and you can plan ahead for enrages or harder phases.


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    Re: Thoughts on improving Guardian Spirit

    um...i vote for better spell graphics. pw:shield duplication? c'mon blizz, holy need something more "epic/flashy" looking. how about a mini spirit of redemption hanging over the tank? or let tank grow massive wings and halo? k..maybe not that cheesy but anything is better than pw:s dupe.

    but on topic, the passive buff idea sounds cool. give you a reason to use it besides the oh crap moments.

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    Re: Thoughts on improving Guardian Spirit

    Private server?

    It has an own graphic. There's a small angel / spirit above the head of the person you buff which looks pretty nice. Unfortunately it disappears after like 1-2 seconds and the rest of the duration has no effect. This angel should just stay the whole 10 secs.


    There's a picture.
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    Re: Thoughts on improving Guardian Spirit

    interesting, i hope it's real

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