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    Recommendations on new build Holy/disc

    I’m in a very small friends/family guild, we’ve been around since day one but pretty casual play style.

    Well I’m looking for recommendations on a new holy build; will be mostly solo levelling/ PVP/ battlegrounds and the 5 man’s up to heroic. Can’t see us managing any sort of raiding!

    I want to focus primarily on healing for the guild but would like a bit of damage for the solo grind!

    Any great ideas? or obvious builds I should have a look at?

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    Re: Recommendations on new build Holy/disc

    a one time only Powerword: Bump

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    Re: Recommendations on new build Holy/disc


    Just some smite talents and some healing talents. Thrown together. With spirit tap. It will work fine for what you want, with PI for a fun boost every now and again.

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    Re: Recommendations on new build Holy/disc

    I would even go deeper down in Disciplin. Mostly for shit'n'giggles.

    But then again, I doubht I could stand healing without CoH for very long -.-

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