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    Addons with next patch ? OP QQ NERF MIMIMI

    ok , i hope the keywords bring some ppl to read my topic ,

    all i would like to ask is whether you'll have to update all addons with the new patch or not ?

    on the ptr my addons didnt work but i dont know if addons in general dont work as good on the ptrs, and since

    on curse i only found updates for the beta but not for the patch on the ptrs , i wonder if someone can give me

    an answer .

    thx in advance

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    Re: Addons with next patch ? OP QQ NERF MIMIMI

    Beta Addons = 3.0 compatible = PTR Compatible = Tomorrows Patch Compatible

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    Re: Addons with next patch ? OP QQ NERF MIMIMI

    hm as far as i tested it on the ptr it doesnt seem so ..

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    Re: Addons with next patch ? OP QQ NERF MIMIMI

    If an addon isn't working on the PTR for you now, it won't work after the patch tommorow (or Wednesday if you're in europe ), as the code for PTR and beta are effectively the same as far as functionality goes.

    So get them updated or changed for alternatives asap.

    Try these for some PTR/beta compatible ones:




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