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    [New Addon] AuctionMeOff

    This is an addon I just recently created. My first Addon ever created (even though I've modded a couple before).

    AuctionMeOff remembers the start price, buyout price and duration of any items you put up for auction across all characters. It also accounts for the number of items being auctioned so if you put more or less the start/buyout will be modified accordingly.

    If you put up 5 pieces of Netherweave:
    Start Price: 5s
    Buyout Price: 25s
    Duration: 48 hours

    If you later put up a full stack of 20 peices of Netherweave, the following would be placed in the auction for you:
    Start Price: 20s
    Buyout Price: 1g
    Duration: 48 hours

    It saves time when putting up loads of auctions. I know this may be included with other addons but I wanted something that didn't have all the bells and whistles.

    This Addon was based off of EasyAuction by ChoppedLiver.
    Download Link: AuctionMeOff @ WoWUI

    Hope you guys like it!

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    Re: [New Addon] AuctionMeOff

    Auctioneer is better. But night.

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    Re: [New Addon] AuctionMeOff

    Quote Originally Posted by Pepsicola
    Auctioneer is better. But night.
    The whole point is that it's not as complicated and serves the purpose of just remembering what you sell things for. Never felt the need to have all the extra stuff that auctioneer or the other similar addons offered.

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    Re: [New Addon] AuctionMeOff

    i like it i never felt the need for all that crap auctioneer gave me either GJ

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    Re: [New Addon] AuctionMeOff

    nice thnx

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