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Thread: Developer Q & A

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    Developer Q & A

    I was reading the developer Q & A and i'd have to say they chose to reply to some pretty stuipd questions/ideas. Perhaps the developer could have chosen some better posts/questions, we're not all that stupid.

    In any case, one particular response caught my eye.

    We've gone back and forth on Dispersion. At times in beta it was overpowered and we backed off of it. We do think casting out of it would be too powerful. It's supposed to be a defensive ability, not something you do to keep someone from being able to counter you when you're wailing on them.

    I have to disagree with the sentiment that Dispersion is an ability that you can use to prevent being countered. Firstly Dispersion isn't like Ice Block or Bubble which make you invulnerable to attacks and remove all existing debuffs. Sure, while under the effects of dispersion we take 90% less damage but we can still be silenced, stuned, interrupted, cc'd and existing debuffs continue to provide their effect.

    If this inability to be countered is the sole reasoning behind the dispersion silence effect, I kinda feel it's unwarranted and a little misguided.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to QQ about Dispersion, i'm one of the few who have posted on MMO about how useful it is in both a PvP & PvE setting. However, after hearing a bit of insight from the developers I don't agree with the explanation on why the silence effect needs to exist.

    Of course it's pretty hard to evaluate talents fairly at the moment without level 80 gear and environment. But my experience so far lends to the fact that our survivability isn't great. We rely on DoTs too much for my liking which means we need to outlast opponents and anything with burst damage is going to rip through us before we can put enough pressure on them to start acting defensively. If this environment continues I just feel a tweak with dispersion would help us with that extra bit of survivability, so i'd propose one of the following:

    1. Give back the health regeneration that was orginally included in the talent.
    2. Allow casting, keeping in mind that dispersion doesn't cause immunities and merely reduces damage for 6 seconds
    3. If offsenive casting is really a problem (and I don't see why), by admission dispersion is to be used defensively so allow defensive casting ie. heals

    Again, keep in mind that I don't hate dispersion like some do, i'm just interested in discussing a possible buff that may (or may not) be warranted.

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    Re: Developer Q & A

    Health regeneration would be rather overpowered, if they do reintroduce it, it have to be in a much smaller amount than last time.

    What perhaps could be ideel instead, would be a slow effect equiviliant to Frost Armor, so we could easier get out of melee range and back into kite-with-mindflay range.

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    Re: Developer Q & A

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    Health regeneration would be rather overpowered, if they do reintroduce it, it have to be in a much smaller amount than last time.

    What perhaps could be ideel instead, would be a slow effect equiviliant to Frost Armor, so we could easier get out of melee range and back into kite-with-mindflay range.
    I don't agree it's OP but then again I never got to play with that version. I find the silence to be a more than adequete drawback to the damage reduction mechanic... and my point is that the silence effect was introduced to stop using it offensively but as I stated dispersion doesn't stop you being countered. I kind of feel that they had it right the first time...

    Nevertheless i'm not unhappy with it in it's current form I just don't agree with the blue post about the reasoning behind the need for a silence.

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    Re: Developer Q & A

    I play with Dispersion since yesterday, and I must say I find it very... cool

    But in pvp...

    I've played before in pvp without dispersion, and my fights where just putting dots on every thing that moves and cast mind flay when I was far enough... but the war and rogue still take me down within 10 seconds (I play an Alliance priest on Medivh EU, so no heals...).
    With Dispersion it's quite different !! I put dots on every thing that moves and cast MF when far enough, and when a war or a rogue start punching me, I cast Dispersion and Bam ! they can't touch me for 6 sec while I regen some mana... and they kill me just after the Dispersion end. I've lived 16sec, that a fair gain of 60% in survability

    Mages can blink when out of ice block, Pal can heal themseves when in bubble, while we lucky ones just get some mana back... War or rogue would still one or two shot us where dispersion end.
    The only thing we can do when Dispersion end, is to cast fear... and you know how fear is powerfull this days...

    Good I'm in a pve guild ;D

    PS: yes, my english sucks :

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    Re: Developer Q & A

    6 seconds of 90% reduction and full cast is obscene. Same as bubble is to be fair.

    I agree with GC completely.

    Some health regen would be nice - but I think if we ever saw it return it would be around 10%.

    Defensive healing in disperse is a flat out bad idea. In my opinion. I like the flavour, and the look, and the application.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Re: Developer Q & A

    I'd like the discussion to be more centred around this idea that you can't be countered while under the effects of dispersion.

    You can still be silenced, feared, stunned, polymorphed, interrupted, locked out of spell schools and susceptbile to debuffs (such as curse of tounges, crippling poison, mind numbing poison etc).

    Now I don't want to boil everything down to one statement, but if (and it's a big if) the only reason the silence effect is in place is to prevent dispersion being used offensively to prevent being countered, I disagree dispersion gives spreist that sort of power. What's stopping your opponent using a wide range of counters listed above? I don't see dps or incomming damage as a counter.

    If there are other reasons as to why the silence effect needs to be in place i'd love to hear them.

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