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    contradiction is contradictory

    We mean unless you are spec'd for healing or tanking, then your dps should be "close" to another class with the same gear and skill.
    In short, we are no longer using the "hybrid penalty tax" design philosophy and we want everyone doing dps to dps a lot closer to each other.
    Demonology may be lower, but we’re also not sure it would be fair for Demo to get the extra survivability and do the same dps.
    EDIT: So, What I got from that is: Hybrids bring more to the raid and should to close to equal DPS as a pure DPS class who bring much less to the raid, and that’s fair- but if Demo locks, who have more personal buffs than non-Demo locks did the same DPS, it would be unfair.


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    Re: contradiction is contradictory

    It's called balance.

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    Re: contradiction is contradictory

    Obviously it is balance.
    GW did not get the balance thing when he started to work and has some visionary views that he later (hopefully) had to go back on.

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