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    Emergency! Accidentally unbound left mouse!

    i submitted a gm ticket, so here's a copypaste:
    "i have accidentally unbound my left mouse button(BUTTON1), now i cannot target anything in the world with my left mouse button, clicking anything in the UI works fine, just nothing in the world like mobs, npcs, players. is there any way i can restore it to its original function?"

    i found out from wowwiki that the default function for right mouse (BUTTON2) is "TURNORACTION"
    i assume there is a similiar name for the original function of the left mouse.
    pleasepleaseplease help.

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    Re: Emergency! Accidentally unbound left mouse!

    just remember all your other keybinds and then hit the restore to defaults button then set all your other keybinds back up.

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    Re: Emergency! Accidentally unbound left mouse!

    good idea, i might try that if i have no luck on the official forums or with a GM, i have loads of keybinds, stuff outside the keybinds panel, i'm afraid that they'll reset too.

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    Re: Emergency! Accidentally unbound left mouse!

    ..wouldn't being able to play wow again kind of trump having to rebind your keys?

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