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Thread: 2 Problems

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    2 Problems

    So still getting use to using all these addons and while making my druids UI I ran into 2 problems, hopefully you guys will be able to help.

    First problem:


    I want the castbar to be above everything for both my cast bar and the target's cast bar. Can't figure out where to make this happen in either pitbull's or quartz options.. Any help?

    Second problem:

    I've got 4 custom textures I would like to use but I can't get them to appear in the list when in the game, I've placed them in all the shared media folders under status bars, but still no dice. I've honestly no idea how to use this addon anyways so I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong.

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    Re: 2 Problems

    Solved the first problem, finally found out where you can edit the strata

    Still can't get the second problem to work.

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    Re: 2 Problems

    No one knows how to use sharedmedia?

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    Re: 2 Problems

    Two options for SharedMedia. First, you can "name over" one of the current things there, and select it. Anytime you update though, it'll get overwritten. Second, you can edit the sharedmedia.lua file and add your new one to it. I recommend a lua editor (there are some decent free ones out there, just Google) as NotePad gets cumbersome quickly. These changes will also be erased on any update. The first option is the easiest, the second is the neatest.

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    Re: 2 Problems

    Deathwillow i think i can help you just follow these steps

    1. open SharedMedia.lua With notepad
    2. search for a line under status bar
        like there will be a line called  :   

        SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Wglass", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\statusbar\Wglass]])

      Just copy it and paste it on the last line but then change for example            ''Wglass''        to        ''Your Texture Name''   

      and do the same for the                                      ''[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\statusbar\''Your Texture Name]])''
    3. Make sure Your Texture is in the folder of statusbar when using my example and make sure its the name of the file

    Hope this works for you , cuz it worked for me ;D


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    Re: 2 Problems

    Thank you both for your help, worked like a charm. Had no idea you had to actually register it, figured it just picked up what was in the folder ;p

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    Re: 2 Problems

    I thought you could also use the MyMedia folder? Been awhile since I did anything like that with shared media but that never gets overwritten when updating, if your still interested in it and I remember to check I will reply again

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    Re: 2 Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Deathwillow
    Thank you both for your help, worked like a charm. Had no idea you had to actually register it, figured it just picked up what was in the folder ;p
    I did that at first, and learned my lesson the hard way . Remember to save a copy of that new lua file to another location in case it gets updated and overwritten.

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