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    Dream Gear

    I recently switched to playing feral druid from playing holy priest and I'm trying to get a list of my "dream gear" that I wish to obtain.

    Here is what I have so far

    Helm - Valorous Dreamwalker
    Neck - Heritage
    Shoulders - Valorous Dreamwalker
    Cloak - Cloak of the Shadowed Sun
    Chest - Heroes Dreamwalker
    Bracers - Cuffs of Dark Shadows / Bindings of the Tunneler
    Gloves - Handwraps of Preserved History
    Belt - Sharp-barbed Leather belt / Trollwoven Girdle
    Legs - Gored Hide Leggards
    Boots - Gorloc Muddy Footwraps
    Ring - Keystone Great ring
    Ring - Nerubian Shield ring
    Trinket - Defender's Code (Gossamer Essence)
    Trinket - Valor Medal of the First War
    Weapon - Staff of the Plaguebeast (I think, I'm not home and I'm wearing my dps staff on armory)
    Idol - Idol of Percipacious Attacks

    Helm, Neck, Shoulders, Trinkets, Belt, Idol and Gloves seem to be best in slot at the moment.

    Needed upgrades:
    Chest: Valorous Dreamwalker
    Bracers: Sinner's Bindings
    Legs: Valorous Dreamwalker
    Boots: Footwraps of Vile Deceit
    Rings: Gatekeeper, Deflection Band (To replace the Keystone Ring after they nerf armor)
    Weapon: Origin of Nightmare (I already have Journey's End for when they nerf armor)

    Any thoughts?

    With my current gear my buffed stats are:

    36K armor
    40K life
    40% Dodge

    Pretty sure its about time for me to go a little easier on the HP pool side and start working on the dodge. Trying to make sure there aren't things that I'm missing. The best would be if someone could point me in the direction of a glove upgrade, but those blue gloves are basically amazing. I might have to just break down and put a top grade enchant on them if they really are best in slot.

    Thanks a lot,


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    Re: Dream Gear

    According to RAWR, upgrade your legs to Leggings of the Honored ( gemmed with agility+agi/sta, and get Valorous Dreamwalker for gloves, gemmed with agi/sta. Both seem to be top-rated according to the program math model.
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    Re: Dream Gear

    I didn't see those legs, but after looking I will definately add them to the list. They don't seem to be too much of an upgrade to t7 so I will probably let the rogues have them first.

    I don't see the math behind the gloves though, I passed on them recently after taking a long look at them.

    My problem is with the loss of stats.

    Assuming a pure agility gem: I gain 11 agility, gain 33 base armor, gain 14 attack power and gain 50 crit rating. For dps thats great, but I'm not sure I'm sold for taking. I lose 40 expertise (which will put me under dodge cap), I lose 28 stamina. I don't really care that much about crit and attack power (yes they are important, but I'm not stacking it) so what I really have to compare is 11 agi, 33 armor v 28 stam and 40 expertise. And I choose the later, especially if it doesn't mean taking a vanq token from a mage, resto druid or DK.

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    Re: Dream Gear

    I think you should wish for a special made mount just for you, like a pink pony with 5 legs. I'm sure Santa will give it to you ! ^^

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    Re: Dream Gear

    Well RAWR accounts for spec, buffs, the rest of your gear, the gemming, the enchants and so on.
    I can't tell you atm while it's putting T7 gloves there. You could try to use Rawr, load your profile and then see the upgrades for yourself. That could help clarifying your ideas
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    I don't do math, blind assumptions work so much better for me.

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