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    Stat priority for holy priest build

    Ive always played as shadow and decided to go holy for a change. What should be my stat priority on my gear.

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    Re: Stat priority for holy priest build

    Hit > Spellpower > Crit > Spirit > Intellect

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    Re: Stat priority for holy priest build

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    Hit > Spellpower > Crit > Spirit > Intellect
    Hit for a holy priest?

    Here are some ideas:
    Stack haste up to 10%. Think hard about whether you need more than that, given raid buffs and talents.
    Pick up as much intellect as you can. It's always valuable.
    Spellpower is always good.
    For holy, 9 spirit = 4 Mp5, ignoring spellpower gains entirely. Given spellpower gains, a 2:1 ratio is acceptable.
    For disc, 5 spirit = 2 Mp5, with no spellpower gains. Convert cleanly, and make your decision.
    Crit is always valuable, although less so once you break 25% raid-buffed

    1. 1% crit = 166.67 intellect
    2. 1 intellect = 0.1875 Mp5 (Replenishment)
    3. 1 intellect = 0.208 Mp5 (6 minute fight, mana pool size)
    4. 1 intellect = 0.083 Mp5 (6 minute fight, shadowfiend)
    5. 1 intellect = 0.114 Mp5 (Holy, 6 minute fight, IHC procs from crit, split 50/50 Flash and GHeal)
    6. 1 intellect = 0.017 Mp5 (Disc, 6 minute fight, Divine Aegis absorb crits procing Rapture)
    7. 1 intellect = 0.194 Mp5 (Meditation, 1000 spirit assumed, 80% I5SR)
    8. 1 spirit = 0.388 Mp5 (Meditation, 1000 intellect assumed, 80% I5SR)
    9. 1 spirit = 0.25 spellpower (Holy, Spiritual Guidance)

    Basically focus on int/spirit while letting spellpower and crit fall into place for you.
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    Re: Stat priority for holy priest build

    Oops, I read "shadow for a while".

    For holy:

    Spellpower > Spirit > Crit > Intellect

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    Re: Stat priority for holy priest build

    Antidan, if you are going to steal information from someone the least you could do is site the source instead of acting like you are so smart and can figure it out for yourself.

    His info was taken directly from elitistjerks.com: http://elitistjerks.com/f77/t35208-w...v3_0_progress/

    Great forum though, check it out.

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