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    Born in Sweden, but im going to move away <3

    This forum post made me laugh:)

    The forum is flooded by QQ and whine post. Kids, understand: They dont really care about you. Blizzard, i mean.
    Your GF sayin "I will be out with my friends" means she will be cheating with you.
    Kid whining "QQ i gonna quit this game" means he will reroll another class.
    Blizzard's not stupid my friends!

    But, this actually made me laugh. And i thought i were the only skilled warlock player around with grammar probs

    OP spells at Ashran? Based on faction population? Yes, WODs gonna be the most awesome expansion ever! Propably gonna hit under 4 million sub mark.

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    Re: This forum post made me laugh:)

    Devs don't read EU forums and sure as hell don't post there.

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