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Thread: Addon help

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    Addon help


    Before WOTLK came out, I had this nice addon, that showed me when my CD's was ready agian.
    The addon showed the Spell/Ability Icon in middle of the screen, which I really liked.
    I'm afraid I can't really remember the name, was something like, Jamie's Pulse or something, not sure.

    Could anyone help me here?


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    Re: Addon help

    Jim's Cooldown Pulse.

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    Re: Addon help

    It's not updated :-\

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    Re: Addon help

    Quote Originally Posted by Thewtfman
    It's not updated :-\
    But it works anyway tho, but cant figure out what the slash (/) command is, dosnt say anything on Curse or when I log in, any idea?

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    Re: Addon help

    You can also try a sct mod like Miks, or something else like CooldownButtons or NeedToKnow.

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    Re: Addon help

    Ghost Pulse is the addon you are looking for.

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