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    Priest PVP spec

    Ive been thinking a bit about what pvp spec I would take at level 80. I think I can comfortably get to about 500 resilience without too much trouble and ive come up with 2 specs but Im not sure which would be better to take:

    Full Disc:


    Disc Holy Hybrid:

    these arent 100% accurate specs, there will probably be the odd talent point being moved around and what not but the general idea is there

    this will be a spec for BG, 2v2 and 3v3. 2v2 partner will most likely be a rogue, war, pal or DK if that makes any difference

    so which spec do you think would function better in pvp?
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    Re: Priest PVP spec is how I run with my rogue. I don't find rapture all that useful for pvp. I mana burn enough to justify the improved mana burn as well.

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    Re: Priest PVP spec

    u needs ps. as for penace thats up for your play style. i thinks its a pretty damn powerful heal. but some people go without it so they can get redemp
    i'm a rogue nerf me please.

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    Re: Priest PVP spec

    Dis was is and will always be the best choice for pvp priest.
    But if you don't have enough resi - gibrid will beat deep disc. Combine BR + PS is much better then anything you can get from deep dis. While Lolwell(c) is being used in stun nowadays is a very good help too.

    Surely stacking resi will make gibrid useless. But it is more fun to be competetive in arena without resi ? if you don't have much time to farm 60k+ honor pvp items.

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