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    Re: How much did JC cost you guys?

    Quote Originally Posted by Makaveli
    costed me 3500-4k
    That's about accurate on my server as well. The cost, however, has been replaced by selling the daily gems every day so far. I doubt I have the constitution to level an alt with this ever again though. It took me multiple days -- probably because my server has a low horde population which also means a small market/materials -- and it was a rough grind filled with failing to get skillups all the way.
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    Re: How much did JC cost you guys?

    I "partially" powerleveled JC and Mining at the same time on my alt recently. I say partially because I like to spend a bit of time grinding to help with the costs etc. So on this basis I reckon I probably spent 2k taking me up to around the 400 mark.

    Still going with it, only at 420ish atm, and finding myself buying saronite ore from the AH then prospecting it. This doesnt really cost me anything coz I get to level and then sell the cut gems to cover expenses and most of the time, actually make me a profit.

    Dailies really help too, however I'm not buying/selling the Dragon's eyes coz the prices are dropping like crazy, so I'm saving my tokens for gem recipes that sell really well on my server, making me a much better profit over time.

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    Re: How much did JC cost you guys?

    from 1-375 it cost me about 1.7-2k max all from ah stuff.
    And my server being low pop it took me 2 days to power level because of supplies and almost half of the population going JC.

    It will depend on servers of course.

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    Re: How much did JC cost you guys?

    I personally never bought any mats for JC off of the AH the first 350 lvls of it...but once it got into the higher tiers, i still ended up dropping almost a good 3k gold on it

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    Re: How much did JC cost you guys?

    Quote Originally Posted by Barook
    JC cost me around 4k gold to powerlevel, but once you get some of the popular recipes, it's totally worth it - i made over 15k gold last week alone.

    Don't forget to get the perfect grade passive skill from a quest and cut the yellow (Hit, Crit) and red (Spell, Agi) - they sell kinda well, too.
    +Sta gems don't sell well on my server - the current price for the cut gem is 15-20g, 12-14g uncut. :
    what quest is that???i'm lvling jc atm (only 210 ) and i want to do that quest when possible, ofc...
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    Re: How much did JC cost you guys?

    Quote Originally Posted by Angelico
    what quest is that???i'm lvling jc atm (only 210 ) and i want to do that quest when possible, ofc...
    Called Gem Perfection, check link below for quest (different if you are alliance or horde ofcoz).
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    Re: How much did JC cost you guys?

    Leveled it this week and only cost me around 500g.

    I created a DK to level mining and managed to get it to 375 in about 2-3 days casually leveling in between my raiding.

    I found you just have to farm your arse off with thorium to prospect when you hit 275 because atleast on my server the gems required around that level go for obscene amounts, then if you are lucky with getting certain gems from prospecting you should not have to buy many of those gems from AH.

    However I have already made about 2000g profit in a couple of days so I reckon you could get away with going all out and just buying from AH would definitely save hastle and effort. As a previous poster said the cost for leveling is definitely outweighed by the profit which is possible with JC.

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    Re: How much did JC cost you guys?

    Is my server the only server where the JC market has crashed? There are WAY to many people leveling JC/ or are already JC because of the OP Gems. Runed Scarlet ruby is only 25-30g, Stam gems only 10g, Rigid Autums glow was sitting at 100g but now its down to 35g and almost everything else is at 10g or under. The green gems don't even sell and the perfect ones are all under 5g. Jc'ing used to make me alot of money but im almost thinking of dropping it for alchemy or dropping mining for herbing.

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    Re: How much did JC cost you guys?

    ~500g for 1-420, miner alts FTW ;D

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