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    Sidenote; does anyone know if you can get chrome extensions for the mobile version, mine doesn't seem to have any options for my OS. I just want adblock since it makes stuff load faster and obviously is safer, especially for a phone.
    Just quoting myself from a while ago, as I've finally found the way (somehow it took me this long). You can use Adblock for Android (site for DL here), install it on your phone like normal - you may need to turn on allow install from unknown sources as it isn't the play store - and if you're using Chrome make sure to turn "Reduce Data usage" off in bandwidth management. Boom, no adds. Firefox can just use the AddOns though unlike Chrome so no need for that.

    P.S. I know Mmo-c needs adds to survive, but for mobiles it's just too annoying to have popups like my previous post above.
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