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    Today I was unable to browse the forum, after the 3rd link I would get redirected (without clicking adds) to a full screen add. Pressing "back" didn't work properly as the sneaky add providers put in 2 redirects at some points so you would need to press back very fast to acctually get back to the forum (only to get redirected again after the next link).
    Since I was at work and unable to decently copy links I took screenshots of my history and the add showing up. I hope it helps, if really needed I could find out the full url though.

    Sorry if the size is out of place, I'm not familiar with linking pictures on the forum.

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    Hi there, there's an add that appear in the front page that start with audio without clicking anything and is a little annoying to start hearing these people talk out of nowhere

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    I'm getting at least 4 video ads that autoplay with sound, its pretty annoying. I have a bunch of tabs open and it took me some time to find out from where the sound was coming (luckily the latest version of Opera places an icon in the tab from where sound is coming from) I think there's a couple more, one from I think it was Barbie that I didn't screencapped in time and another one that I don't remember what it was.

    Metro PCS link|$30Unlimite

    Adidas link (which upon seeing the preview of the post I realized that I forgot to screencap but there's one from Adidas that plays sound)

    Mazda link

    The Exxon one didn't have a link
    They appeared on the Home page, but it looks like they also sometimes appear at the bottom of the page in any page, it was then when I had a hard time finding them.

    Thank you for any help you can provide with this.

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