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    Quote Originally Posted by Faifel View Post
    Shitty gift card redirects are back.
    I get those on mobile too.

    And asshole advertisers who use gross feet in their ads can eat shit and die.
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    Every time I go to MMO-C on my phone I get death by redirect ads. Fml

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    Mobile. Redirects literally every 3 seconds and the only way to clear it is to use the back button. All it displays is a totally black screen with a small white dot at its center.
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    Should be able to get adblock for all mobile browsers by now. I haven't seen an ad on my mobile phone in....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potboza View Post
    I created a black human male called "Pedopriest" and ran him to SW.
    I started asking where the schools were.
    Someone said "My kids play on this server you creep! How can you live with yourself?"
    I whispered back, "How old are they?"

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    Some shitty ad warning that security certificate isn't valid that locks my pc up. I have to close when that fucking piece of shit pops up. Whoever the hell is that little amateur creating such things needs to be dragged out in a public street and beaten to death, shot a few times, just to be sure, then crucified as a warning to such ad companies.

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    Same fucking ad locking up everything.'s a damn waste of time even coming here to "report bad ads" when you guys have zero control over this level of bullshit.

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    since a few days after spending some minutes on mmo-champion i suddenly get forwarded to
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