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    Reflective shield on priest not reflecting damage?

    Hey Guys

    After a recent respec, a stupid warrior was trying to gank me at wymerest. I had my power word shield on and I am specced 3 into reflective shield. I was just standing there while the guards wailed on him. I did no damage to him from my shield is this happening to you as well? (I know they changed it to only priests shield) Come on I need that for these warrior pounding on me!

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    Re: Relective shield broken?

    It's not about reflective shield, it's common mechanic.

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    Re: Reflective shield broken?

    What? none of you have noticed it isnt working?

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    Re: Reflective shield on priest not reflecting damage?

    i know it's currently bugged on other toons, but not on yourself. it SHOULD have reflected the damage correctly.

    what's funny is that they didn't fix the first issue, they merely changed the tooltip to say "only on yourself" haha

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