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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rymezz
    They should make VE Passive.
    Yes please.

    AoE Mind Sear = 15.000dps = 3750hps... add some DP Pestilence love to that. Totaly balanced.

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    theres a really great shadow priest arena video on wcm right now.. marvel.. with how shitty shadow is that dude can seriously play.. imagine if shadow was actually good.. if you watch it u can kinda figure out what shadow needs but he still gets by

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    Make priests drop target when they disperse(ie. feign death) and not targetable again until they come out of it. Could also change it so they disperse into the ground or something less obvious than the current ball of "build combo points on this".

    Another option, you disperse and you have 6 seconds of dispersion to place warlock type exit within 30 yards to coalesce back into form at.

    Imp shadow form making priest immune to movement impairing effects for the duration rather than removing current ones.
    Give fade an improved blink type effect as well (for 4 seconds after casting your chance to be hit by all attacks and spells is reduced by 30%).

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Knf
    Yes please.

    AoE Mind Sear = 15.000dps = 3750hps... add some DP Pestilence love to that. Totaly balanced.
    You got it .

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    It will be nice if they remove gcd from VE.
    And some changes with SW will be nice too). MB+SW is only burst we have and i can't understand why i have to loose my hp while using ability with 12 sec cd.

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    you know what would be pure sex.. everytime you crit with mind flay you get an instant Mind Blast but it cant occur more than once every.. lets say.. 20secs??
    that would be pure awesome

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by QQQQQQQ
    PVE SP's are happier than they have been for a long time. They are topping meters and dispersion is actually a nice talent for them.
    If you are topping damage meters, your mages, warlocks, fury warriors and to a lesser extend now DKs are simply either bad or underequipped. We do decent damage now, yes, but those classes still top DPS meters.
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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    First off, the damage margin isn't that huge. People link their Patchwerk stuff to measure the dps, which sucks, it's one fight where everyone can go all out. It's also done within 3-4 minutes, and during that time the effect of heroism/bloodlust is huge, not to say the amount of crits certain classes get. If it were a 15 minute fight, the dps chart would look different.

    However, if you compare mage's 6400 dps to priest's 5000 dps - it's much better than during tbc where mage did 150% more damage than priest. I never felt I contributed anything back in tbc, dps-wise (since I didn't).

    Also, I never ever use Dispersion in PvE anymore. I used to use it at start, when I had tbc gear. But now, there isn't a single fight where I go oom, nor do I need that 90% damage reduction. So it's great for undergeared sp's who need the extra juice to keep them going.

    PvE - we did get some extra juice, but not enough to compete with good players of pure classes. I'm not talking about random hunters and mages on VoA 25m who don't know how to do shit and have 3k dps, I'm talking about players who are familiar with their classes and encounters - with those, we are unable to compete and it often feels that more of mages / hunters would be better than more of shadowpriests, which is true. Atm. one sp is enough per raid. If it was a case of SWP where you needed the best of the best setups, there would be ONE sp, and only if there weren't for the moonkin or ret paladin (FF and replenishment).

    PvP - we're where we were in tbc. Running around, getting the best of the best gear only to see we don't deal damage, we actually TANK all the time. We're the first target to either kill or cc, both is ok. A player not attacking sp first is a dumbass, I'm again not talking about total pvp noobs who can't tell what one class does. There are a few sps that do good in pvp, mainly because of their teammates who are godlike (read: pr0 rogues).

    So no, our situation isn't good tbh, if there will be a raid that requires the max out of the raid - sp will fall out. Replenishment opposed to extra crit / hit that you gain from other classes is not a good enough reason to bring SP. The only reason sp's go to the raid now is because there isn't a raid that requires the best of the best setup, like swp did. On some encounters, we do great (aoe ones) and there isn't many of them atm.

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    The grass is always greener
    Fixing rogues in PvE is quite simple. The only reason why it hasn't been done is because rogues are so strong in PvP that giving them more dps at this point would be a bad idea. The developers have said exactly that themselves.

    Fixing shadowpriests in PvP requires more than just tweaking some numbers.They don't fail because Mind Blast does too little damage.

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    Imo something like this is needed:
    -Return some mana every time dot is dispelled. And give better protection to dots overal.
    -Fade makes immune to all kind of snares during it's time.
    -Dispersion doesn't silence anymore, or makes you totally invisible, but so you can see everyone else. Not wiping threat ofc.
    -Innerfire is undispellable. You can't dispell mages or warlocks armors.
    -Shadowform gives 20% reduction, mabye the same amount to magical damage. Warlocks are having huge resistances and soul-link, mages has their mage armor.
    -VE passive to shadowform. However, doesn't heal if you are using Mind Sear.
    -Hymn of Hopeless castable on shadowform, not sharing CD with fear.
    -In shadowform: Everytime you are being hit there is a change that your next Vampiric Touch is instant.
    -Shadowform doesn't cost mana, or alteast less than atm.

    Now, make Hymn to share DR with some CCs so it won't be OP to run 2-dps with huge cc.
    The fact that spriest can get over ninethousand rating atm is rogue. And that doesn't make spriests viable PvP-class, we are THE shit atm. Even worse than shamans.

    However, something like this will happen:
    -Dispersion now regens 6% of total health every 1 second. That's it.

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zerojoe
    Cloak of light -Rank 1
    The user put on a cloak of light and is immune to melee damage for 10 seconds.
    2 minute cooldown.
    Pretty good wtb

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    i would give resonable sugestions

    1) make Shaowfiend immune to CC/damage

    2)Take hymm CD with fear but add a diminishing return so its not OP\

    3) Fade make you imune to moving impairing affects for entire to half duration\

    4)shadow form 20% reduction to all dmg

    5)dispertion remove all debuffs on top of its original aspects

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    as little as they can.
    And if they go by their planning and execution skills.
    that will be .0000001

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    They are finally going to listen to me and make dispersion worth the 51 points for anyone who does PvE and PvP.

    Basically; it makes you immune to snares, stuns, other slowing bullshit, for 4 seconds. Gives you a 15% movement increase for 4s. Returns 18% total health. Removes all stuns, snares, other slowing bullshit. Castable while stunned, feared, snared, other stupid rng bullshit.

    Innerfire is undispellable but the charge mechanic remains. (Makes the Inner Fire Glyph worth it). The improved talent now also increases its duration. (Additional 5 minutes per point).

    Improved Fade talent with Shadowform now makes you immune to stuns, snares and other slowing bullshit, for 6 seconds.

    They are going to remove blackout and replace it with an old discipline talent with a twist.

    Chastise. Interrupts spell casting and casting from that school for 2 seconds. It will incapacitate the player for 2/4/6/8/10 seconds. Any damage they do while chastised is reduced by 2/4/6/8/10%. Any damage you do to the chastised target is increased by 2/4/6/8/10%. The interrupt portion will work on bosses.

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    Hm i like this alot..
    but where did u hear this???

    All these seems very probable and wouldnt make them op or anything.
    But chastise i dont understand.. so is it a proc or do we have to cast it (kinda like a deep freeze)

    15% movement speed is ok for dispersion.. not great ( kinda like pursuit of justice)
    and is 18% enough? i just dont like how mages can do like 60% but well just get 18%????
    did u hear of any dot protection??

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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    The truth is that most of the people that post here do nothing but QQ and bitch about what Blizzard should do for them but haven't. Blizzard has released no information about 3.1. They will probably be releasing information in the next month or so, and everyone will jump on that information, and when they change a lot of due to test realm feedback everyone will blame them for making false statements. That is the way the mmo world works.
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    Re: Whats Blizz Going to Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by relaxbozo
    hopefully a new 51 point talent lol !
    Dispersion IS NOT a bad talent in PvE. It just doesn't have the same usefulness in PvP. However, there is nothing wrong with the talent. Shadow priests just need buffed in other ways.
    I used to be hardcore, then I discovered how fun it is to get laid on an almost daily basis. I'll take sex over WoW any day, so now I'm casual.

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