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    I don't have enough energy.

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    Tanaris Desert
    Time is on our side
    Brutal Gladiator Enhancement Shaman *rawr*

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    Dark Intent

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    Aggro Magnet

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    The hammer comes down:
    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Normal should be reduced in difficulty. Heroic should be reduced in difficulty.
    And the tiny fraction for whom heroic raids are currently well tuned? Too bad,so sad! With the arterial bleed of subs the fastest it's ever been, the vanity development that gives you guys your own content is no longer supportable.

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    hardcore raider
    Quote Originally Posted by laserguns View Post
    But do they have data showing how much fun players are having? Because surely that's what counts. You could have a game where only 1% of players can do the top raid but still everybody's having fun, and you could have a game where 100% of the players see everything but they're all bored and whining and quitting. Fun can't be quantified with straight-up data, and trying to use statistics to measure fun is a dangerous logical minefield.
    "The Perfect Raid Design Drawn by me .

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    Target is too low level.

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    Daily Quest

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    Google it
    Need more rage

    yes we are all born from the flames of passion that stirred in the loins of our four fathers![Friend Code: 3325-2545-2595]

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    "I can't put that there."

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    Even though it is not directly a WoW term, it has been a standard response by Blizzard for a long time:

    "We'd certainly like to implement something like that in a future build."
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    Burden of Guilt. >.<

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    "Wild Growth"

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    "Naughty secrets!"

    "Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change."

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    "[Last night] was merely a setback!"

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    Need more rage....

    "Posting impassionately, they say you don't care. Posting nothing, they say you ignore. Posting with passion, you incite trolls. Posting fluff, you say nonsense. Post with what facts you have, they whittle down with rationale.
    There is no win, there is only slow degradation." Tseric and the truth about WoW community.

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    Black market AH :>

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    Ookem in the dooker!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regennis View Post
    Stop dating strippers.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZRebellion View Post
    Kleinlax21 who is on your 'side' had no problem doing so.He also doesn't need to attack me in literally every sentence he types.

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